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 Sthenoi Corporate  Security Consulting




What we offer


Sthenoi Corporate is an Independent Professional Detention Consultancy with experience on the field since 2002. We specialize in the areas of detention security, technology and risk management. 


The main goal of Sthenoi is to conduct works in a cost-effective manner, customizing projects according to Government or private sector plans through our recommendations for balancing short-term priorities with long-term goals.


Our experience and response capacity together with an intelligence-led approach built upon detailed and insightful analysis and an awareness of each client's requirements, allows us to provide practical solutions to every specific need. 


Where we operate


Sthenoi provides a world wide service based on an understanding that each customer presents specific security challenges to which we respond with  customized security solutions and assessment.


We provide


- Security and Risk reviews for penitentiary facilities and          services.

- Detention equiment and services.

- Detention security strategy and design.

- Detention security management.

- Detention project management.

- Correctional integrated security plans.

- Inmate penitentiary rehabilitation work programs.


Sthenoi Corporate






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